STILL TITLED: Deputy involved shooting

An ultra-early incident in the Mesa over in Hesperia.

A suspicious car was reported in the 8100 block of I Avenue, shortly after 1:00 a.m. this morning. The location was the Circle K gas station on the corner of Danbury Ave and I Ave.

Deputies showed up and the man inside the suspicious car became  uncooperative. It's very unclear what happened next. What has been reported from authorities is that a deputy involved shooting happened. Authorities say no one was hurt by gunfire. Sheriff’s Specialized Investigations responded and assumed the investigation.

Circle K employees have been told not to speak to the media. Police are unable to say if there was another weapon at the scene that the suspect may have been brandishing. As of now the only weapon that has been reported as being involved is that of the deputy who fired at presumably the suspect. 

No word on what caused law enforcement to open fire. As a rule of thumb, officers will not open fire on a suspect unless they feel a life or their life is in danger. The goal is to preserve life and therefore when authorities shoot, it's to kill. asked police if the suspect may have attempted to ram officers with his vehicle. The car was at a stop in the middle of the street just in front of the Circle K with crime scene tape marking off the perimeter. Police would only say that the investigation is ongoing.

It has not been reported by police if the suspect from the car was captured or got away.  

UPDATE Sunday, November 21, 2021: An update from an earlier report; police have confirmed that the suspect in this deputy involved shooting was arrested.