We Serve Apple Valley - January 10 2020

The Town of Apple Valley is looking to help spotlight local business. Apple Valley Mayor Curt Emick, a local business owner, released a video on the Town of Apple Valley's Facebook page on Sunday discussing, some of the strategies the town will use to continue supporting local business and commerce in 2021.

The Town has offered to utilize their social media platforms for their "Shop Local" branding to help elevate business. According to Mayor Emick, the pages currently hold nearly 10,000 followers. Emick believes that it will be a great way to showcase local business owners and their stories in Apple Valley. Mayor Emick is encouraging business owners who are in Apple Valley to reach out to the Town at no cost for the potential opportunity to be featured. 

Additionally, Mayor Emick has mentioned the "CARES Grant" which will soon be available to small business owners seeking assistance with rent, overhead costs and utilities.