PHOTO: Hook Park
A father has taken to social media to seek justice for his young daughter who had been taking a stroll in the park with her friends. 
According to the father, a group of about seven Black, teenage girls who are more than likely between 14-16 years old, intercepted his daughter, along with her friends, then assaulted and robbed them before getting away. The incident took place around 6:45pm on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Hook Park.  
Cale Lepper says it appears that the largest teen girl of the group who assaulted their daughter and friends had worn a white zip-up sweater while another wore a white windbreaker type of jacket which had blue and red stripes on the sleeves. A third girl could be described as wearing  a white crop top and had a scar on her right forehead.
Lepper's wife says the group of suspects had been crossing Hook Blvd toward the Kimberly Park Apartments. They also referred to each other as "sister or cousin."  Lepper says that "children shouldn’t have to fear going to a park to enjoy themselves, only to be assaulted and robbed. I hope our community can come together and help." 
Victorville Police say the suspects got away with the property that belonged to Lepper's daughter and friends. The department also says the suspects have not been identified or located just yet. None of the victim’s required medical attention. asked the young girl's father what was going through his mind when this had happened. Like any parent he told us he was scared and worried that his daughter and her friends had been seriously hurt. That on top of being very upset that they had to experience something traumatic like this. He says her whole group of friends are very sweet and innocent and up until this past weekend, had never experienced anything like this before.  Lepper also says that he of course  felt anger as well  because this incident shows that children can't even spend time at the park without having to worry about being assaulted and robbed. He reflected on the area as a whole and says that he feels saddened that this is the direction that the community seems to be headed.
We explored the conversation with Lepper further and asked about the parents of the girls who committed the assault. As a concerned father, he says that it "seems the days of parents making their children take responsibility for their actions is gone. While the community of the High Desert continues to grow, the actual 'feeling of community' seems to be getting lost."
Cale Lepper does have advice and words of caution for other parents who might wonder if the same thing could happen to their own children. He says that parents should make sure their own children are "always aware of their surroundings and if they ever feel uncomfortable or threatened by a situation to leave the environment immediately and go to or call a parent."
Although Lepper is bothered by what has sadly happened to his own child he still feels that  that most people are good and that one incident shouldn't define how a person sees the world as a whole.
According to Lepper, the teen suspects stole his little girl's prescription glasses, three iPhones and two bank cards. The mobile device have been turned so the "Find my iPhone" option isn’t available, though the devices have been marked as stolen. Lepper says that there is a $200 cash reward to the first person that can provide a positive ID of any of the girls, and information will be kept confidential. He has provided his phone number for anyone with information: Text at 760-881-2362. Witnesses or anyone that has information can contact the Victorville Police Department directly at 760-241-2911. The police report filed is #172108629