PHOTO: Closeup of Police Lights on Dark Street

A Victorville deputy is on administrative leave after kicking a man in his head, while he was on the ground. It happened just before 12:45 in the morning on June 16, 2021. A deputy that's stationed at the Victorville Police Department attempted to pull over a motorcyclist for various traffic violations right around 7th street and Lincoln street. The rider, who had been later identified as Willie Jones of Victorville refused to yield, resulting in a high speed chase.

During the chase, Jones disregarded multiple traffic signals, blowing right past them, leading the chase right onto Interstate 15. What made the pursuit even more dangerous was the fact that Jones rode his motorcycle at high rates of speed in the opposite direction of freeway traffic on northbound lanes. Police reported that the motorcycle narrowly missed numerous potential head-on collisions.

Minutes later, Jones exited off La Paz Avenue where he appeared to dump his motorcycle near a car dealership. He fled on foot. Authorities immediately established a perimeter and began sweeping the area looking for Jones. Not long after, it appears on video that a deputy appears to locate Jones. The nearby security camera records the entire interaction. As seen on video, the deputy appears to give Jones clear commands to lay down on the ground. As the deputy approaches, Jones seems to be fully complying and almost completely on the ground. As Jones seems to continue to be directed by the deputy's commands, the officer kicks Jones in the face as what can be compared to punting a football or kicking a soccer ball into a goal. The deputy's foot appears to connect with Jones head not once but twice.

In an effort to maintain transparency, authorities say that a supervisor arrived on the scene and discovered Jones’ arrest was captured on surveillance cameras from a nearby business. Once the supervisor reviewed the surveillance footage, there was immediate concern about the deputy’s actions. The supervisor immediately requested that an investigation be conducted regarding the deputy’s conduct. The suspect, Willie Jones was arrested. Before being transported, he was provided medical care and booked into the High Desert Detention Center for Felony Evading and Disregard for Public Safety.

The Undersheriff for San Bernardino County, Shannon Dicas, released a video statement on behalf of the department:


A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy is under criminal investigation after surveillance footage captured him kicking a man who appeared to have surrendered prior to an arrest.

Sheriff John McMahon released an official statement about what happened.

“This incident raises concerns. I expect my deputies to remain professional while engaging the public. A full investigation is underway, and the involved deputy has been placed on Administrative Leave while detectives from our Specialized Investigations Division complete their investigation into the use of force. Once the investigation is completed, it will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for their review.”

At this time it's unclear if the officer who chose to kick the suspect in the head was the same deputy who initially attempted the traffic stop. will continue to monitor this incident and give updates as they become available.