AUDIO REPORT: CHP stops vehicles for sobriety check in SVL

Earlier this week, California High Patrol conducted a sobriety checkpoint on Spring Valley Lake Parkway in Victorville. Turns out, there wasn't any DUI's that night. However, Public Information officer for California Highway Patrol, Officer Michael Mumford, tells that any day of the week there is usually something happening with people who abuse the responsibility of driving on the streets. A good example, as he mentioned, was Monday night football games that take place and people drinking at the bars and coming home. 

During our time with the California Highway Patrol, as mentioned, we did not come across any DUI arrests that night. However, two vehicles were towed for drivers being unlicensed. 

PHOTO: CHP Sobriety Checkpoint, September 2021, Spring Valley Lake

When CHP stops a vehicle and does an initial search and check, it's at that point they determine whether or not to direct the driver to move the vehicle to a staging area where the officers can do a more thorough search or investigation. 

CHP says "the primary objective of any Sobriety Checkpoint is to ensure the safe passage of each and every motorist on our highways by targeting roads where there is a high frequency of drunk driving related accidents and/or prior arrests. Every year residents and visitors of our local communities are needlessly injured or killed as a result of drunk driving related collisions."

The National Library of Medicine says that checkpoints in the United States reduce impaired driving fatal crashes by 18% to 24%. Read more here. were on scene to capture the two drivers who had there cars taken last night. Listen below: