PHOTO: John McMahon, part 1, exit interview, Patrol police car with beautiful emergency sirens lights. Canadian policemen in traffic control activity. A police raid for

The Sheriff will retire tomorrow, July 16, 2021 after decades of service in public safety to the County of San Bernardino. was granted access to John McMahon for an in-depth and thorough interview before his departure.  Our exclusive Sheriff John McMahon interview series kicks off with a brief recap on the current statistics for hard crime and illegal grows in the High Desert under his watch. It was recently reported by HD Daily news that law enforcement is currently investigating nearly 1,000 grows in the desert. In this part 1 interview, McMahon reveals that some of these illegal grows are tied to drug cartels, not just from Mexico, but other countries as well:  

A review of current crime stats under Sheriff McMahon's watch. A reveal of drug cartels involved in the illegal grows that have been busted by authorities in the High Desert.

McMahon also had mentioned that originally the department only had one task force in charge of monitoring illegal grows in the county. However, after a recent increase in funding from the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors, the department will now have additional resources to maintain 5 task forces that target illegal cultivation. 

Sheriff McMahon also said that the individuals who are operating the illegal grows are  attacking the quality of life in those areas by increasing traffic, illegal chemicals, omitting foul odors, increases in trash and armed people at the grow sites who intimidate local residents. McMahon says "these residents don't deserve [this] for a minute. We're fortunate the Board of Supervisors have allocated funding to attack it and do it right."

Part 2: Click here to listen.