BANNER: On The Record | Encore 2.0

The following program aired on Talk 960 AM in the High Desert on September 17, 2022 at 8:00 AM:

Encore High School's news Executive Director, Dr. Sabrina Bow, has been brought on to clean up the financial hardships that Encore High School has suffered over the years. Audits reveal past records have shown a lack of efficient management of school funds and leadership. Dr. Bow explains the process moving forward.
There's a new law in California concerning credentialed teachers. Dr. Sabrina Bow vows to have 100% credentialed teachers on the campus in the near future. She explains the process.
Allegations of nepotism has played a part in the image Encore High School has created for itself in and around the High Desert community. Those practices have apparently dissolved and an opportunity for all students has been implemented for future performing arts activities.

Golden Mike, award-winning journalist Andrew Caravella hosted this special and laid out topics that gave some of the most precedence, regarding Encore High School. The topics in this program were gathered based on conversations with past employees, families and students of the school. The third-party audits mentioned in this 30-minute radio special were obtained by and cross-referenced with additional information obtained for the special. Additional information about culture, mission, campus life and enrollment at Encore High School can be found here.

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