On The Record | Derek Marshall

The following program aired on Talk 960 AM in the High Desert on May 21, 2022 at 8:00 AM:

Congressional candidate Derek Marshall explains his views on healthcare and how getting elected to Congress for the Victor Valley will help benefit local citizens that need better healthcare.
Derek Marshall provides a more in-depth view on the changing layout of the Victor Valley. He discusses better paying jobs, some differences between him and opponent Rep. Jay Obernolte, and bringing key industries to the area. Also, a quick look at improving education.
Derek Marshall provides an in-depth analysis on what the root of inflation and high gas prices looks like. The candidate discusses a solution that he has to the problem.

The 2022 election happens this November. Candidates across the region have been looking to shift the direction of progress and success in the High Desert and Victor Valley region. The High Desert's new congressional district has changed from 8 to 23. The seat for the position is up this year and Derek Marshall is looking to knock Rep. Jay Obernolte from the spot to represent the High Desert in Washington D.C.

CUT FOR TIME: Congressional candidate Derek Marshall talks about his biggest pet peeve for Rep. Jay Obernolte. Also, Derek Marshall explores the conversation surrounding drilling new oil leases on federal land.

This radio special from HD Daily News was a special report on Talk 960, the High Desert’s Talk Station. Hosted by RTNA Golden Mike recipient Andrew Caravella. 

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