PHOTO: Mall of Victor Valley, November 19, 2021 shooting

HD Daily News has learned new details in the shooting that took place outside of the Red Robin in front of the Mall of Victor Valley last Friday night that killed a man. 

It was first reported that a child and another person were transported to the hospital later that night. 

Police are now able to disclose that the 8-year-old child was a small girl and it was her 19-year-old sibling who had also been shot. Since the shooting both the little girl and sibling have been released from the hospital and they are recovering at home. 

Both shooting victims had no relation to the man who was shot and killed that night. That man has now been identified as 35-year-old William Pierce. 

As for now, police say that they have no information on a possible suspect and no arrests have been made. 

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Video shot by Jose Gonzalez