Charles Servizio, 71, of Adelanto currently holds the Guinness World Record for most pushups in 24 hours.

That's a record he's held onto since 1993. Charles also use to hold the record for most pushups in one hour, however, the record has been broken in recent years. Charles reached out to to talk about his new attempt to gain that record back. A record he's going for this Wednesday, August 10. Charles tells us he needs help from people who are in the community. Listen to our interview to our interview:

If you're interested in helping Charles out, he's provided his phone number for people in the community to reach out: Charles Servizio - 760-524-8071

Charles Servizio, 71, attempts most push ups in one hour
Charles currently holds the world record of most push ups in 24 hours (46,001.) A title he's maintained since 1993 according to Guinness World Records. He's now on a mission to recapture the one hour world record that he previously had held.