News reporter, Kendra White, speaks with Yuma actor Michael Walker, and Hawaii 5-0 actor Jorge Garcia.

YUMA, AZ -- An actor from Yuma has been featured in a new movie from Paramount Pictures. Not only is he in the film, but he also helped produce it. Based about a decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, an American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals and ends up finding more than he bargained for.

Yuma actor Michael Walker plays Sargent Archie, in the film and remember the nerdy guy who lived in his mom’s basement on the hit TV show Hawaii Five-0? Yup, actor Jorge Garcia is also in Condor’s Nest, he plays a bartender named Hipolito.

Aside from Jorge Garcia and Yuma Actor Michael Walker we asked the director and writer of Condor’s Nest, Phil Blattenberger, if he could give us any spoilers.