The votes are in from the 2021 California Governor Recall Election and, yes, Newsom undoubtedly will remain the leader of the biggest economy in the United States and the 5th largest economy in the world. Larry Elder did appear to have the popular vote in the Victor Valley, but not by as much as people would think. More on that below. obtained the data from the San Bernardino County Registrar this past week. The state certification is officially being held today, October 22, 2021.  Despite the data, which can be seen here, there were some interesting candidates that popped up in the votes locally, that for the most part, did not appear to get as much media coverage. 

An example was moderate Democrat, Dr. Brandon M. Ross, who appeared to have a larger number of votes in some areas of the High Desert than other candidates who were given the media stage on local news stations across the state during debates over the past year. 

Local voters who reside in the Town of Apple Valley appeared to have the majority of the turn out in their community, with more than 50% of all registered voters showing up at the polls or preferring to choose the mail-in approach. 

The data also reveals that cities like Adelanto and Victorville had the majority of voters actually against the recall, voting "No" on the first question of the 2 part ballot. More than 37% of voters in Hesperia and more than 44% of voters in Barstow who participated were also against the recall election. Apple Valley showed more than a third (33.67%) of voters who participated were also against recalling Governor Newsom.

The unincorporated areas of the County of San Bernardino, which would include parts on the High Desert community also revealed some interesting parts of data as well. Currently, all unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County have a total of 158,462 registered voters. Out of that many voters, exactly 85,305 showed up to vote in the recall. 51,021 voted  "yes" in the recall versus "33,959 that voted "No." The candidate favorite for those areas? Larry Elder with 40, 921 votes.  


Registered voters:  14,818

How many actually voted: 4,737

Turnout - 31.97%

Kevin Kiley - 51

Caitlyn Jenner - 31

Kevin Faulconer - 83

Kevin Paffrath - 235

Larry Elder - 1,297

John Cox - 132

Apple Valley

Registered voters:  44, 376 

How many actually voted: 25,589

Turnout - 57.66%

Kevin Kiley - 472

Caitlyn Jenner - 143

Kevin Faulconer - 856

Kevin Paffrath - 730

Larry Elder - 13,555

John Cox - 1030


Registered voters:  11,102 

How many actually voted: 4,566

Turnout - 41.13%

Kevin Kiley - 472

Caitlyn Jenner - 48

Kevin Faulconer - 143

Kevin Paffrath - 157

Larry Elder - 1,847

John Cox - 180


Registered voters:  50,803 

How many actually voted: 23,287

Turnout - 45.84%

Kevin Kiley - 472

Caitlyn Jenner - 127

Kevin Faulconer - 623

Kevin Paffrath - 778

Larry Elder - 11,417

John Cox - 898


Registered voters:  61,750 

How many actually voted: 25,203

Turnout - 40.81%

Kevin Kiley - 303

Caitlyn Jenner - 186

Kevin Faulconer - 557

Kevin Paffrath - 999

Larry Elder - 8701

John Cox - 808

So will Larry Elder run in 2022?

It's hard to tell what the conservative radio host will do, come the election next year. It's very possible that a whole new batch of candidate hopefuls will be in the running or that California voters will see some familiar faces from this year pop up and run again in 2022. Numerous media outlets based in California have posted articles prior to September 20, 2021 that speculate on whether the candidate with the highest amount of votes in the Victor Valley area will run again. However, a possible foreshadow of what's to come next year was posted to Elder's Twitter page on September 20th, 2021. The cartoon illustration says "I'll be back."

The California Secretary of State website says "since 1913, there have been 179 recall attempts of state elected officials in California. Eleven recall efforts collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot and of those, the elected official was recalled in six instances."

More than 22 million people are registered to vote in California. Currently, that number is the highest registration rate in the state since 1940.

Although the nation and neighbors remain hyper-divided in a world of misinformation and miscommunication when it comes to the facts, the views of California Governor are a shared viewpoint of many who live in the state. was out at the polls during the recall and found Republicans who had no issue with the state being ran by a Democrat. They just felt that Newsom was not that Democrat. This past election showed 46 candidates, including nine Democrats and 24 Republicans. Almost 4.9 million voters chose to select a candidate other than Newsom in the recall election. That means  7.9 million voted no. More than 12.8 million voters participated in the 2021 recall. Less than 60% of California voters showed up to participate in the recall of Governor Newsom.

Historically, recall elections tend to have a lesser turnout than election years. So with about 40% of the vote absent in 2021, what will 2022 bring?