PHOTO: Encore High School banner

HESPERIA -- Encore High School has been suffering for years with financial hardships and numerous parental concerns as well as several allegations. New leadership has been hired to help re-build Encore High School in Hesperia.  

The performing arts school has agreed to sit down to discuss where the future lies moving forward and what the community can expect from Encore in the new school year.

Golden Mike, award-winning journalist Andrew Caravella will host the special "On The Record: Encore 2.0" this Saturday, September 17 at 8:00 AM on Talk 960.

Caravella serves as the news director for and says "This school was a beacon for the arts in the High Desert. It was the standard for kids with a creative mind and it used to give those kids an opportunity to explore that creativity to the fullest. We're doing this interview to reintroduce a better version of that beacon and help restore the school to a better spotlight. Lighting is key."   

Independent audits have shown an in-depth look into how much damage really came to the school over the last couple of years. The radio special will dig deeper into those finances and discuss some concerns that local families have had over the years, including the lack of credentialed teachers and allegations of nepotism. Encore High School Executive Director Dr. Sabrina Bow will discuss years of declining enrollment and what the performing arts school plans to do to grow in student population moving forward. 

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