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VICTORVILLE -- A 26-year-old man has been killed in a crash on Bear Valley Road. Victorville Police say the man, who was driving a 2015 Tesla Model S, slammed into the back of a semi-truck.

The accident occurred in the slow lane, going westbound toward the 15 Freeway. When the Tesla Model S impacted the back of the semi-truck just after 8:00 pm Tuesday, it was at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Bear Valley Road, in front of the Food-4-Less shopping center. The driver of the semi-truck was not hurt.

The impact according to police was at a high rate of speed, however, the actual speed was "undetermined." At the scene of the crash, the Tesla Model S could be seen wedged nearly under the semi truck's double rear axle. The tires of the semi-truck were lifted off the ground.

Officials for VVPD have ruled the accident as a suicide. (Update: 11:27 am - VVPD has confirmed that the Tesla driver's death was ruled a suicide based on recent statements, his last conversations with people, and evidence located at the scene.)

Tesla Model S vehicles are equipped with what is called "Automatic Emergency Braking." According to the Tesla website, the braking system operates only when a driver is going between 3 mph to 90 mph. The website discloses that the system does not apply brakes or stops applying brakes when a driver:

-Press and releases the brake pedal while Automatic Emergency Braking is applying the brakes

-Accelerates hard while the system is applying the brakes

-A vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian is detected ahead

The website does provide warnings for the system. Tesla says that Automatic Emergency Braking is designed to reduce the severity of an impact and that it is not designed to avoid a collision.