Person`s Hand Installing Smoke Detector On Ceiling

Low Angle View Of A Person`s Hand Installing Smoke Detector On Ceiling Wall At Home.

If you bought a new smoke alarm that also acts as a carbon monoxide detector recently from a Walmart or Home Depot, you might want to double check which one you purchased. 

In an official statement last month, Kidde is recalling TruSense Smoke and Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms Due to Risk of Failure to Alert Consumers to a FireThe recall states that approximately 226,000 units were sold. According to further information from the company, the combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarm can fail to alert consumers to a fire. 

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies:

-Smoke alarms are now installed in 96% of all U.S. homes

-Approximately 20% of homes with smoke alarms have non-operational smoke alarms.

-It is estimated that if every home had working smoke alarms, U.S. residential fire deaths could drop by 36%.