The public finally has some more answers and a clearer look into the deputy involved shooting that took place ultra-early on Saturday, November 20 just after one in the morning.

As previously reported, deputies were requested to respond to the Circle K gas station over in the Mesa of Hesperia just off of I Avenue and Danbury Avenue. A caller reported a man that was driving a car through the parking lot of the business and causing a disturbance. 

When deputies showed up they tried to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle driven by the man who has now been identified as Anthony John Vasquez, a 26 year old from Norwalk.

According to police, Vasquez refused to cooperate and listen with what police were telling him to do. It was at that moment that Vasquez accelerated his car in reverse, toward one of the deputies, and struck another deputy before he hit a parked sheriff’s patrol vehicle.

That's when a deputy involved shooting happened. Vasquez was not struck during the incident and attempted to flee from deputies in his car.

He didn't get too far though, Vasquez stopped his vehicle a short distance from the scene and surrendered to law enforcement. The deputy hit by Vasquez’ vehicle was treated for his injuries at a local hospital and released. No other person was reported hurt.

Vasquez was arrested and booked at High Desert Detention Center for assault with a deadly weapon. Vasquez posted bail and was released from custody on November 21, 2021. The original story can be viewed here.